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Run your own personal hedge fund! Long and short recommendations for 10 popular high-momentum technology stocks. Wall Street loves to trade these stocks. You can ride them on the way up and short them on the way down!
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Consulting services and publications concerning alternative asset investing (private equity, hedge funds, real estate, junk bonds, vulture funds, farmland, timberland, oil & gas).
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Professional investment management firm and SEC registered investment adviser offering hedge funds.
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Free hedge fund info for investors
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Focusing on hedge funds and private asset management. Our funds invest in U.S. and European equities. Fund entrance minimums are very low in comparison to industry standards.
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Asian, Japan, European, US Offshore, Latin American and Global Fund of Hedge Funds Database
Added: 2005-11-22    hits: 980    rating: 5.50   Rate It
An SEC-registered investment advisory firm located in Boca Raton, Florida that was founded in 1991 by Joseph W. Harch. The firm manages domestic and offshore debt and equity hedge funds.
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Mission is to provide superior, objective educational information on all matters related to hedge funds. It seeks to help hedge fund investors gain a more thorough understanding of relevant theoretical and practical investment and business issues.
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Identifies the most consistent hedge funds and investment managers from over 1,000 funds and managers. The Hedge Funds Consistency Index report highlights hedge funds and alternative based investments that have been consistently making money and safeguarding equity against loss and volatility - in both bull and bear markets.
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Unlike other hedge fund web sites, the Center is not aligned or associated with any investment manager or consulting firm. As such, it can rigorously pursue its goal of providing objective, professional information and evaluation of relevant issues unfettered by commercial or political issues.
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Offers its global community of members a premier electronic commerce platform that facilitates the exchange of information, capital and services. Members include investors, hedge funds, service providers, regulators and the media.
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The most complete, asset allocation, style and performance analysis software available anywhere. Comprehensive Access to Manager Information Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Investment Advisors, Commodity Trading Advisors, Indices and even individual securities
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Latest Stock Market information and Research. We offer news on specific companies.
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Swing Trading Stock Picks, swing trading stock pick newsletter for swing trading and day trading
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A premier provider of alternative investment performance data, analytical tools, and consulting services to institutional and high net worth investors. Features the Barclay Futures Index, Barclay CTA Index and other recognized industry benchmarks.
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Qualified investors now have access to one of the worldÆs largest selections of hedge funds with Van Hedge Fund Advisors International, Inc. ("VAN"). This extensive hedge fund information is maintained in data banks which contain information on approximately 4,600 hedge funds.
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